Topic: micro segmentation and zero trust security question 1:


Topic: Micro segmentation and Zero Trust Security

Question 1: Briefly describe the physical segmentation and microvegetation networking environments. Describe the difference between these two networking approaches.

Question 2: Explain the concept of Zero Trust Security. How is this model different from conventional security models?How does this model support ubiquitous security in a cloud environment?

Question 3: Explain how micro segmentation topology provides the foundation for implementing the Zero Trust model. Why do modern organizations need to consider implementing a Zero Trust security approach?


  • Need minimum 1150 words
    • Introduction – 200 words
    • Question 1 – 250 words
    • Question 2 – 250 words
    • Question 3 – 250 words
    • Conclusion – 200 words
  • Need 5 APA References (Use 2015 and above resources)
  • Need Appendices if Applicable.
  • No plagiarism please

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