Start-up / merchant credit card

1. Critical Thinking Exercises:  questions 7-2,7-3, and 7-5.

2. Pg 244 : Biz Builder Business Plan Questions / 7.1 Sources and Uses of Capital, A through D.

Respond to questions A, B and C. For this assignment you will be considering and recording the one-time expenses required for opening your business. You can use this SCORE Start-up Cost Calculator (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. – download the template at the top of the article or do your own search for a Start-Up cost worksheet to estimate and record the costs and items necessary to start your business.  You are REQUIRED to submit a start-up cost sheet using a template for this assignment as well as your Business Plan!  You may have to change the categories listed on a template to make it specific to your business. (Reminder: USAIIRD can be helpful!)  Provide 2-3 paragraphs explaining your numbers based on the a,b c questions! 

3. Merchant Credit Cards

Research and submit a detailed summary of the topic of ‘merchant credit card accounts’ for your business. This is the credit card equipment/service that is required to allow your customers to use their credit cards to pay you. Be sure to include the costs, requirements and restrictions, etc.? Be sure to include your article or a link to the article for full credit.

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