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Sport Outreach Plan- Comprehensive Draft Assignment



You will submit a comprehensive draft of your sport outreach plan that includes elements of your previous sections (attached files from other parts of this assignment) and is revised to incorporate feedback from the peer-review process and the instructor. The draft should be professionally written and directed toward a general audience of your program’s hypothetical stakeholders- partners, funding sources, participants, staff- and tell them clearly and concisely what your organization and its activities are all about.

Be sure to include a relevant and informative title, an introduction/overview of your plan, and a wrap-up/summary. The plan should be well-organized, easy-to-follow and flow smoothly.


This is a comprehensive draft of the Sport Outreach plan you will create throughout the course:

· The draft should include at least ten full pages of text.

o This excludes a title page, abstract, reference page(s) and any appendices

· The work should be in APA format (the most current edition)

· At least nine sources supporting the work should be formally cited and listed in the reference page.

· A minimum of eight sources should be external to the course, i.e. in addition to the course text and any readings provided within the course.

· Direct quotations of others’ writing should not be used.

– Also, please include a biblical passage/scripture as well.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

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