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In this assignment, your task is to analyze how best to help your chosen project-family solve a problem. Select a problem that occurred with your project-family. It should be a situation where the family was required to do some decision making and to create a plan of action in order to deal with the problem. (If you can’t think of a specific problem for your chosen family, create one or use a problem from your own family experience and imagine how your project-family would go about solving it.)

  1. Download and open the Problem Solving Worksheet provided below:
  2. File: BELOW
  3. On page 1 of the worksheet, answer the corresponding questions and fill in the Decision Making Process chart for the problem you selected for your project-family.
  4. On page 2 of the worksheet, use the information on page 1 to fill-in the storyboard Plan of Action to show the steps for solving their problem.



Family Problem Indentified

10 possible points (16.67%)


A problem the family has is identified – 10



Family Questions

20 possible points (33.33%)


All questions on the first page are answered with details about the family’s problem –


Story Board

20 possible points (33.33%)


The storyboard on the second page is completed with a plan of action to resolve the problem – 20

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