Adjusting entries and adjusted trial balances

Misfire company is a small editorial services company owned and operated by Pedro Borman. On august 31st 2010, the end of the current year, Misfire’s accounting clerk prepared the unadjusted Trial Balance shown below: The data to determine the year-end adjustments are as follows: a. unexpired insurance at August 31, $1,800. b. Supplies on hand at August 31, $750. c.Depreciation for the building for the year. $2,000 d.Depreciation for the equipment for the year, $5,000 e. Rent unearned August 31, $2850. f.Accrued salaries and wages at August 31, $2,800. g. Fees earned but unbilled on August 31, $12,380. *********INSTRUCTIONS************** 1. Journalize the adjusting entries. Add additional accounts as needed. 2. Determine the balances of the accounts affected by the adjusting entries, and prepare an adjusted trial balance. Attached is the unadjusted trial balance

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